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Come and discover BdC School, pure bilinguism from nursery to middle school.


BdC School is a private paritary bilingual institute located in both Milan and Cologno Monzese that successfully approches cutting-edge didactic methods through which will provide your child with proficient knowledge of both Italian and English language.


  • Because it offers a complete bilingual learning path from nursery up to middle school
  • Because bilinguism is pure and the school program is 50% based on Cambridge Assessment International Education and 50% on the Italian Ministry of Education program
  • Because artistic subjects and sport activities play a major role within the intellectual and physical development of students
  • Because our classes have small numbers of children where two teachers share the same didactic goal: one is Italian and the second one is English mother tongue
  • Because we offer several extra services such as: school bus, pre and after school opening hours, afterschool courses, summer camps
  • Because it is equipped with its own kitchen where high quality meals are prepared, with specific attention to any dietary requirements

We go beyond traditional teaching methods focusing on enhancing each child’s learning skills


A warm and welcoming environement where children are free to foster their own curiosity uwhile beign looked over by Italian and English speaking tutors. The educational approach draws inspiration from Montessori method, from the Reggio Emilia Approach and from Gardner multiple intelligences theory that lead children through an experiential path aming to devolp self discipline and social interaction.


Educators guide children through their own personal growth, paying respect to times and needs, encouraging social interaction and postive attitude.

Our educational program offers artistic subjects, craftmanship and enhance creativity through games.

Primary school

Each child’s interpersonal development is nurtured with an experiental approach that encourages self confidence, independence as well as team spirit and diversity acceptance.

Middle school

The final goal is the Cambridge Certification which is recognized all over the world. This goal will be reached through a multi-disciplinary path which purpose is to shape conscious students capable of managing analytic as well as creative skills.

You may visit bdc school and “feel” the warm environement, did you know that?

Our staff is at your complete disposal on Wednesdays from 3:00 pm to 6:pm to guide you through our school with your child who will be welcome to join our Summer Camp activity of the day like fencing and storytelling.

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