The bilingual nursery of the BdC School is a warm and welcoming community where young students play and learn under the guidance of a bilingual faculty. It is a safe environment, designed and structured to stimulate the child to a peaceful discovery of everything around him.

The educational-didactic path was developed in collaboration with the qualified teaching staff of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan in 2006.


BdC School introduces the learning of the English language from the first year of age in order to create a base of interest and motivation that will facilitate learning in the following years, thanks to the constant and daily presence of native English and Italian educators.


BdC School follows the Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum that is based on play and games which allows the children to become more rounded individuals and get a head start in their education. The children learn through communication and language, physical development, personal/social/emotional, literacy, math, understanding the world and expressive arts.


The main educational approaches which BdC School is most inspired by are Montessori method and Gardner’s multiple intelligences. With Montessori, the children develop social responsibility through self-discipline and generosity. They learn how to be self-motivated and self-taught. The implementation of Gardner’s theory helps the children explore and learn by experiencing the classroom materials and interact on an emotional, relational, cognitive, linguistic and motor level.


BdC School has outdoor spaces suitable for children equipped with games for activities aimed at discovering the environment and staying active outdoors.


Our Nursery is open from 7.30 / 8.00 to 18.30 from September to July.

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