Dettaglio classi BdC school Scuola Primaria

The BdC School Primary School belongs to the Cambridge Assessment International Education network of schools: students carry out both the Italian ministerial curriculum (MIUR) and the international curriculum proposed and certified by the University of Cambridge.

The purpose of the BdC primary school is the acquisition of fundamental knowledge and skills to develop basic skills in the perspective of the full development of the person in a multicultural environment.

Our teachers focus on project-based learning, which allows children to respond by actively engaging in a task. Experiential learning encourages kids to develop independence, confidence and initiative by exploring a subject.

Each class has two reference teachers, one Italian and one bilingual / native English speaker, who divide the hours and subjects working in parallel on a common curriculum whose training objectives are carried out in both languages. The aim is to provide a totally bilingual and bicultural teaching experience.

The curriculum consists of 36 hours per week, 18 of which is in English and 18 in Italian.

Teachers and professionals, native Italian and English speakers of Music, Motor, Art, Coding, Yoga, etc. contribute to the completion of the training offer.

According to the Italian ministerial program, BdC School carries out the INVALSI tests in the second and fifth class, evaluating the learning levels of some fundamental skills in Italian, mathematics and english.

At the end of the primary school cycle, students will take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint designed to assess pupils on the Cambridge Primary Program.

The test certifies pupils in English, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Science and Cambridge Global Perspectives. It provides valuable feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses before they move on to the next stage of education and provides the school with an external international benchmark for their achievements and performance.

Each student receives a declaration of success from Cambridge.


Primary school is open from 8.30 to 15.30 from September to June according to the school calendar.

After 3.30 pm after school service is available until 6.30 pm. There are also courses and afternoon activities such as: Judo, tennis, piano and guitar, coding, golf introduction, language courses, etc.

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